As the game is played, various issues and suggestions will no doubt arise.  When the issues are actual problems with the game mechanics, or when they involve something about the game that should definitely be changed, it will be listed as "Issue".  These should be implemented into every game.  If it is a suggestion that some have said makes the game more fun, or run more smoothly, or is more historical or realistic, it will be listed as "Suggestion".  These should be placed in at the players' descretions, but should be agreed upon by all players before the game begins.
If you see any problems with the game, write to me here so I can consider making an official alteration to the rules.  If you do not see those changes made here, feel free to use them  yourself as house rules, and share them with others.  This is merely a list of updates I agree with, and am suggesting to the community at large.
Exhaustion Rule (Suggestion): When units are not fired upon for a turn, their morale die goes to 0 or 1 (depending on whether they are in disorder or not.)  The reason for this is to keep units that were not fired upon from routing or moving a long way when nothing happened to them.  Since turns are approximately 30 minutes, it is assumed that they ahd time to recover from any fatigue.  However, Michael Strickland from Orange County suggested that units should have to recover slowly over time.  This will make units have to take time to get back into the battle, and would make them exhausted over several hours, but it does make for an interesting dynamic.  To do this, lower the morale die as normal, but do not roll for units that were not fired upon, so they don't wind up running away for nothing, but they continue to have bad morale for a while.
Each game book has a "Version" number that can be found on the bottom right corner of the first page.  The most current version is 1.3.  There are not many changes from version to version.  However, if two players have different versions and any rules conflict, the most recent version should be the one used.  All players involved should determine which book this is, and whatever extra rules they are using from this page before the game begins.
Ammo & Supply Wagon Movement (Issue): Supply wagons move 5 inches per turn and ammo moves 10 inches per turn.  The reason for this is because ammo is being moved on caissons while the supply wagon is a series of large wagons carrying all sorts of supplies.  However, one can unnaturally increase the speed of their ammo markers by moving the supply wagons first, then moving the ammo markers, effectively giving them 15" of movement the first time they leave the wagon.  The way this is supposed to work is the player moves ammo out first, then moves the supply wagon.
Second Bull Run scenario and battlepack (Issue): The first issue of Second Bull Run and the 1862 expansion was missing AP Hill's division.  If you got either of these, contact us and tell us when you got it for a free copy of the Second Bull Run battlepack.  In the meantime, you can find the order of battle for Hill's division on our blog in the "Extra!" tab above.  You might have to scroll down to find it, but it will be listed as an issue with the Second Bull Run/Manassas scenario.  All versions purchased now have the fixed order of battle.
1863 First Version Missing Text (Issue): In the first version of 1863 that went out, two characters were missing text.  One of them is Confederate spy Antonia Ford.  This is what it was supposed to say:  "Raiders roll twice and choose which roll to accept."  She also costs 30 points.  Also, the Union general James Wadsworth has no points value.  He is 190 points.