What is Command Combat?
Command Combat is a miniatures game system for the age of muskets.  It is sometimes referred to as the age of generals, because it is the time when generals had the most direct effect on battles.  It is also a time when orders had to be sent by courier, so orders did not reach their desired recipients immediately, and so those on the field had to interpret their last orders as best they could.  Command Combat seeks to reflect these aspects of the battlefield by having the personalities of generals make a direct impact on the battles, and by utilizing a unique command structure system for battles such as Bull Run, seen below. 
Command Combat: Civil War
The first of the Command Combat series is the Civil War.  This war was chosen because of the dynamics of the generals.  The personalities of generals are portrayed in the game as rules which reflect their various abilities and specific skills.  For instance, Jackson begins with the special rule "stone wall" because of the reputation which grew out of the Battle of Bull Run/Manassas where he and his men refused to pull back.  This rule allows Jackson and his men to not pull back, even when they would do so under normal circumstances.
Northern armies generally consist of large amounts of men and artillery, while Confederate armies consist of great generals and more cavalry, but fewer men and less artillery.  Since this is a game of generalship, the skill of the Confederate generals will be a great match for the vast numbers of Union armies.
This Website
This website will provide information about Command Combat: Civil War, and is a place for fans to gather and talk over strategies, scenarios, alternate rules, as well as what they would like to see more of in the game.  Information on how to purchase the game, along with expansions, are listed in the "Books" section.  As rules are tested by fans and we learn more about how the game plays, we will list updates in the "Updates" section.  "Extra!" is news and information about the game series, as well as conventions where the game will be shown and played.  "Community" is the forum where fans can gather and talk about the game and give suggestions for its improvement.  "Store" is where various aspects of the game can be bought.  "History" will tell bits of information about the Civil War, and how it relates to the game.  And finally, "Contact" is all the contact information for getting in touch with the creators.  You can also contact them here:
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